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Donkey Play Time

Patch the Donkey

Guess who we babysat this past week?  Patch the donkey!! It is always a joy to be able to take care of Patch.  Patch is a friendly, gentle donkey who loves his treats and enjoys play time.  Did you know that donkeys like to play?  Among our donkey friend's play toys are pool noodles, tug-of-war ring toys, and a ball with a handle.  Patch also has one of those toys that you put peanuts inside (the kind of peanuts with the shell still on) - he pushes the toy around so that the peanuts fall out.

We made a short video so that you could see what Patch can do.  Here it is:

In case you missed it from a previous blog article, here's the video we made the prior time we babysat Patch.  In it, you can hear the noise that Patch makes multiple times a day.  He makes this noise whenever he sees his family drive by (he recognizes their car!), and when they go into the barn (he's excited to be fed and played with) and at various other times during the day.  We can hear his loud bellow from our house and are charmed by it.

Also, here is a link to the blog article about the prior time we took care of patch!

Up next, we are taking care of Reggie the miniature horse for the next week or so, while his owners are camping. 

We like to refer to this fellow as Reginald. He's sweet and gentle, just like Patch.