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Photos of Our Fall & Winter Garden

Here are a few photos of how our garden is shaping up for fall and winter.  I'm only part-way done planting garlic.  Since we had an enormous harvest earlier this year, I'm thinking about planting around 1,000 bulbs of garlic.  Maybe I could sell some next year? My back is aching from pulling weeds and digging little trenches for planting the garlic.  I've been at it for a few days now and there are several more days to go.  Last night, I ached in weird places, like the tops of my feet, around my thumbs, my forearms and my elbows.  Probably from all the tugging. Who knew weeding worked so many small muscle groups? I fell flat on my arse multiple times yanking noxious weeds from the ground.  A hoe and shovel come in really handy to loosen things up. The pollinators hang out in our garden where they can find blooms here even in the middle of fall.  We've got purple artichoke flowers, giant orange marigolds, the white flowers of peas and beans, tomato flowers (yup, there a