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We're Keeping Warm this Winter Without Spending a Lot of Money

It's our second winter on the homestead and one of the biggest priorities for me was to figure out how we would stay warm without spending a lot of money.  Electricity is expensive in our area, which means our electric furnace costs a fortune to run.  Originally our 1940s-era house had an oil furnace.  An electric furnace was installed about 15 or more years ago, and while it runs great, we'd rather not turn it on much, if at all.  So here we now are, trying to figure out the best and least-expensive ways to stay warm while living in a rambling two-story 3,800 square foot house. Last winter we installed a pellet stove in our living room.  The pellet stove does a great job of heating both the formal dining room and living room.  This past summer we put in a Jotul wood stove in the Corral (our den / man-cave), which heats that room very well but doesn't do much to help warm up the rest of the house.  Meanwhile, the entire second floor of the house where our bedrooms are l