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Daffodils by the Barn

A long row of daffodils have opened up alongside the barn.  My daughter and I walked down our long driveway to the road to get a better view today. I cannot think of a more cheerful flower than daffodils.  Their sunny blooms herald the arrival of spring.   Plum trees are also in full bloom right now.  As we walk, my daughter and I breathe deeply of the spring air heavy with the scent of flowers. Patch the donkey greets us as we make our way past the barn. A little further away, Mocha watches us for a while and then kicks at the fence.  She's annoyed that she can't get to us to say a proper "hello." We circle back to our property and admire the beginnings of our garden.  My husband tilled it the other day and added a layer of compost.  I helped him put in a cattle panel tunnel. My plan is to first grow peas over the cattle panel tunnel.  I'm hoping the pea pods will dangle on the underside of the tunnel for

Knotty Pine Walls in the Parlor

See eight rooms featuring knotty pine walls with white trim inside this unique home. In this e-book, you'll have the opportunity to peek inside a vintage Cape Cod house before, during and after renovation, as the family restored the home to its former glory. Only available on Amazon (for just a couple dollars),  click to download your copy  (for easily reading on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC using the  free Kindle app ).  See the book on Amazon .   Beautifully told story of a house coming to life by caring new owners. This House with Knotty Pine is so lucky to have a second chance at life, and to not have been painted over. When the family first began decorating this home that featured knotty pine walls with white trim, they searched and searched online to find photos of similar homes.  They weren't sure how to go about adding furniture, what fabric choices were best, and whether or not the house would look dark and gloomy with all their belongings in it. As they scoured the inter