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A Springer Spaniel Named Mojo Becomes a Farm Dog

It was time to adopt a dog, and that led to researching what dogs make the best farm dogs.  We considered numerous breeds, from Great Pyrenees and Sheepdogs to German Shepherds and a variety of Terriers.  A dachshund also ended up on the list.  None of those were meant to be for us, however, as we came across a four-year-old tricolor English Springer Spaniel that needed a new home.  "Mojo" is now enjoying her days spent running around the farm, sleeping on the bed, and chewing her bone on the parlor rug. We are fortunate to have found her. I would have to say that an English Springer Spaniel makes a pretty good farm dog.  She sticks close by, and so she can be trusted to run loose.  She's shown quite a bit of interest in the chickens but has not tried to harm any of them, even when they've gotten loose and she had free access to them.  She is easily trained and responsive, and protective of us. And she's an adorable, loving family dog.

We Ended Up With a Rooster

It turns out that one of our "girls" isn't a girl at all. At first, when the young Black Australorp periodically began to emit a weak, pathetic crowing noise, we thought perhaps it was pretending.  Maybe, we thought, it was a wanna-be rooster (does that even happen?).  But, as time went on, the crowing grew more mature and we realized we no longer had a brood of hens.  Instead, what we now have is a mixed flock of hens and rooster. Of course, the first question everyone asked us was whether we would keep him.  I do agree the rooster is a noisy bugger, and he also has a propensity for pecking and attacking us when we give any attention to the hens.  He's quite protective of the hens, having declared ownership of them all. He's a beautiful bird, though, and quite a character to watch. My daughter has named him Captain.  I'll admit he is becoming my favorite of the bunch. So, Captain gets to stay.  I kind of like hearing a rooster crow throughout th