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Processing 50 Pounds of Tuna

We absolutely love home canned tuna and smoked tuna. Every year, my husband would go out fishing 50 miles offshore with several of his friends, and it wasn't uncommon for him to bring home as many as 10 large tuna that we would then can and smoke.  Since we moved, however, it's been a couple years now since he's had the opportunity to fish offshore, and as a result he's been considering whether to simply buy fish for this purpose. On Wednesday afternoon, my husband called me from work to let me know that he'd just arranged to buy 50 pounds of freshly caught albacore tuna from a local commercial fisherman.  The fisherman was going to arrive at our door in a few hours, and so I put together the cash to pay for the fish. The fish we were purchasing was already cleaned and loined.  We've usually had to clean the fish ourselves.  I was really glad that the fish would already be cleaned, because let me tell you that dealing with the carcasses of 10 large fish is k