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Homemade Ginger Ale From a Ginger Bug

 I've been experimenting with fermenting again, this time making a ginger bug so that I can make various kinds of ginger ale. In addition to making basic ginger ale (ginger beer) with it, I plan to make cranberry ginger ale during the holidays, as well as strawberry-rhubarb ginger ale and turmeric ginger ale. There are so many possibilities!

It took about 10 days to get the ginger bug going. Once that step was done, I was on to making ginger ale. The ginger ale recipe I'm using only makes a small batch each time. To make the ginger ale, you scoop out a bit of the ginger bug (the "mother") from the jar and put it into a bigger container. Then, and to it some water, sugar, grated ginger root, and lemon juice. Cover it with a cloth and rubberband, and let it ferment for a while. Last, you strain it into bottles with swing-top, gasketed lids. The bottles sit a couple of days until they are delightfully fizzy. Once a day, though, you have to open the lid so the air can escape, otherwise, they will explode. It's a little unnerving on the last day because they make a very loud "pop" when you open the lids. The recipe I'm using fills two 16-ounce glass bottles.

I'm impressed by the amount of fizz in this homebrewed probiotic beverage. Listen to the bubbles as I pour some into a small glass in the video below.

The recipes I'm using are from one of my favorite websites, Grow Forage Cook Ferment. Here's a link to the recipes if you are interested.

Also, take a look at the ginger bug (the lumpy stuff in the big jar) in the video below. The ginger bug is a living, breathing thing!