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Farewell Poof and Big Duck

As you know from an earlier article I wrote about our duck troubles, we have too many male ducks. There are two ducks in particular who are bad-boy ducks. As my husband says, they really love the ladies. But there's too much loving going on, what with them giving attention to the female ducks as well as the chickens. In the absence of any female birds, the boy ducks mate with each other. Big Duck and Poof are the most amorous of the boy ducks, and after separating the three males from the rest of the flock, they turned their attention to the other male duck, Cheese. Poor Cheese. He was getting so much attention that he was limping around. So, we had two rehome the two bad boys.

We're happy to announce that Poof and Big Duck have moved to a farm in Onalaska, about three hours away. The couple who took them has a farm where they raise Khaki Campbell ducks. They had put an ad on Craigslist looking for some new male ducks for their flock, and since Poof and Big Duck are Khakhi Campbell ducks, it was the perfect solution. Poof and Big Duck will be surrounded by girl ducks that are just like them, and so they will be in their element, doing what they do best.

Pictured above, from left to right, are Poof (he has a poof on his head), Big Duck, and Cheese.

Below are a few memories of our bad boy ducks. 

Be sure to turn on the sound in the one above!