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Kittens & Momma Cat Go to Find Forever Homes

Today was the day we have been dreading, the day the kittens and Momma Cat return to the Humane Society so they can find their forever homes. While we were sad to say goodbye, when asked if we would foster kittens and adult cats again, we all said "YES!" It was a wonderful experience, and we are especially glad we could help the wee ones get a good start. Also, Momma Cat went from a scared barn cat to a loving family pet thanks to all the attention she got while here. She started sitting on our laps and purring in the evenings. 

We hope the cats will find homes quickly. They will be at the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society (Kitty City) for about a week while they all get spayed and neutered. Then, they will likely go to Petsense, a pet store located in Port Angeles that works with the Humane Society. We asked the director at the Humane Society if she was concerned the kitties wouldn't find a home, and she said that kittens and young cats like Momma Cat tend to find homes extremely quickly. That does help ease our sadness as we get through the next few days of letting go.

Farewell, Momma Cat, Fang, Flash, and Izzy. We love you.💗