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Our Honeybees Arrived

Our Italian honeybees arrived today! In March, we ordered two three-pound packages from Coastal Farm and Ranch. We're so glad that the bees came during warm weather this year.  They were full of energy, buzzing around my head as I shook them out of the packages and into the hives.

installing packaged honeybees into hives

We decided to set up the two hives further away from each other so that if something happens to one hive, hopefully, the other one will still be okay.

honeybees installed in hive

Installation was pretty quick once we had everything set up. The hardest part was all the prep work and getting the beehives positioned.  

This year, we installed a robbing screen on the front of the hive.  Last year, robber bees from our neighbor's honeybee hives came over and killed all our bees, robbing every last drop of the honey. So we're hoping that we can prevent that from happening again by using the robbing screens.

The old apple tree in our front yard is just about to bloom. Looks like the bees arrived just in time!