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Guinea Hens Visit Us Every Day

guinea hens

A neighbor who lives on a farm down the road from us bought guinea hens last year. A few weeks ago, the funny-looking birds started showing up in our yard. They've established a routine that begins in the field near our milk shed, where they hunt around for bugs. Eventually, they make their way through every section of our nearly three acres. They spend considerable time eating fallen seeds under the bird feeder in the front yard. 

guinea hens

There are seven of them. I can hear the odd birds squawking when I'm sitting at my computer in the living room. They are the only co-workers I have each day (I work remotely). Next, the seven strange creatures wander over by the blueberry bushes. I think they're looking for slugs, as there are a lot of them out in that field.

Later in the day, they head toward our neighbor Brian's yard, where they skirt under the fence and then squawk up by his house for a while. Finally, the guinea hens go past our chicken/duck run in the back yard, where they bother our birds (guinea hens, chickens, and ducks can be seen racing up and down the fence line yelling at each other). After a while, the guinea hens wander into the forest behind our property, and finally, they head back home to our neighbor Joe's house on down the road. 

We don't mind the visits, not one bit. Those are the strangest-looking birds we've ever had around here, and they are certainly entertaining to watch. We even love their crazy loud squawking.

guinea hen close up