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Getting Away From the Farm

It isn't easy to pick up and go on vacation when you have a farm. There are animals to feed, a garden to tend to, weather issues to consider, etc. We worry about the garden and blueberry plants drying out in the summer while we're gone. We worry about the water pipes freezing in this old rambling house in the winter. Trying to give chickens and ducks water in the winter is tricky; you either have to carry water in heavy jugs from indoors or have a unique setup that keeps the hose from freezing. Sometimes their water needs to be refilled multiple times throughout the day because it freezes. Later this spring, when we restock the apiary with honeybees, there will be even more to consider. Since we have a dog and two cats, indoor animals also need attention.

Covid wasn't why we delayed a vacation for over three years; instead, it was because of this farm. There was just too much farm work to pass off to someone else. So be forewarned: If you decide to set up a farm or homestead, think about how you'll take vacations. You will likely spend more time at home than ever before. 

But, thanks to the kindness of a very dear friend, Stuart, we were recently able to escape the farm for a whole week. Stuart came and stayed at our house so we could take off to Victoria, British Columbia.

We timed our vacation for early spring, when the weather is warmer but not too warm, there isn't much going on in the garden, and there are no bees in the hives. So, that left just the animals to care for: the chickens, ducks, cats, and dog. Even so, that's a lot to foist off onto someone. We cannot thank our friend Stuart enough. He even bought rubber boots for mucking around in the chicken coop! And he built a fire in the woodstove and pellet stove to keep warm (like I said, it's not easy living in a big old rambling farmhouse).

Meanwhile, we walked, walked, and walked all around Victoria after escaping the farm. Then, as if that wasn't enough walking, we traveled further north to Parksville and Coombs, where we walked some more. I think we wanted to see everything we possibly could in our one week of vacation. Below are a few highlights.

The views are remarkable along the Ogden Point breakwater. 

Watch out for the Woolly Mammoth at the Royal BC Museum.

We just escaped the farm...why are we at another one? Because it's the Beacon Hill Children's Petting Zoo.

Breakfast at the BC Legislative Dining Room was fantastic.

Yes, we actually did play mini-golf in Parksville. We were drawn there by the funny shoe building.

When everything was closing at dusk, we drove through Chemainus and looked at the murals. Then we found this candy store that said, "Come in, My Sweeties!" We couldn't resist.

It's a tradition to take photos with the giant moose and bears along Government Street.

There are "Goats on the Roof" in Coombs. We had to see it! Believe it or not, goats walk along the rooftops of the businesses there.
Unfortunately, no goats were on roofs in April. The goats wait until May, when the grass is longer. All we saw was a goat on a hillside.

I think we managed to walk across town twice nearly every day.

We were exhausted on the ferry ride back home.


  1. So glad you got to get away. What a fun trip :)

    1. Thank you so much! :-) We sure did enjoy the time off!


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