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Master Gardener "What To Do" Month-By-Month Garden Calendar

About a year ago I came across a Master Gardener's "what to do" month-by-month garden calendar for our local area. It's been so helpful because it suggests what month to plant each crop, when to prune, ideal times to add soil amendments, what pests to watch out for at certain times of the year (and how to control them organically), and so on.  I printed off a complete set of their instructions for the year and kept them on my kitchen counter, and then as the year went on I checked off each garden-related task that I had completed.  Then I put that month's page to the back of the stack and continued on.  Now, the year is starting over, and I still have the handy pages for using again this year.  Maybe your area has a Master Gardener calendar as well?

Here are links to the calendars for our local area and also what I was able to find for some of our family and friends who live outside our area:

For anyone else reading, it's worth doing a Google search to see if your area might have a Master Gardener calendar, too.  Some Master Gardener websites put this information under a link called "Garden Task Calendar" and others place the information under their "Resources for Homeowners" section.

Most Master Gardener programs are offered through a university extension office.  The university that hosts your master gardener program will typically provide information about canning and other topics of interest related to farming. Be sure to explore their website, too!