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Fun Around the Farm

Even though we've had a lot of chores and projects keeping us busy on the farm, we've found time to have a little fun, too.  I thought I'd share a few recent photos. A tradition for our family is participating in the neighborhood Independence Day parade.  

4th of July parade

This year, our daughter and her friends decorated the golf cart and joined the parade.  While waiting for the parade to start, Andrea visited us with Reggie the Miniature Horse, who is the star of the parade every year.

mojo watching the parade

We stopped work on painting the house and enjoyed sitting at the clubhouse while watching the parade go by. It was nice to rest for a bit before we returned home to finish painting.

at the swimming pool

The pool is open and our daughter has spent a few hours making good use of it.  Her friends joined her a couple times as well.  We're looking forward to spending more time at the pool now that our house painting is finished.

mama and twin fawns
This family of deer live on our property.  Mama and two twin fawn can be seen every day, grazing and playing in the fields around our house.  The mama deer will leave her babies in a secluded spot while she grazes a little further away. 



We've been trying to get out several times a week for long walks along the creek. It's about a mile each way from our house to the mouth of the creek.

morse creek

mouth of morse creek

Thank you for following along on our journey.  We hope this inspires you to get outside and enjoy nature.