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The Old Milk Shed

the old milk shed

We removed the rest of the junk that former owners had left behind in the old milk shed.  The shed is now pretty much empty. Outside the milk shed, we stacked everything into piles:

  • Found treasures to keep. Flower pots and planters, a striped patio umbrella that was in amazingly good shape, drip irrigation hose, decorative outdoor wire baskets, a piece of rail from a railroad, nice-sized pieces of treated lumber, enormously giant nails (a foot long and an inch or more thick!), and more. There is also an old cast iron bathtub that we are thinking about parking next to the entrance of our property or by the garden and planting flowers in it.  We had to use the tractor to move the tub out of there.
found treasures from the old milk shed

treasures and junk found in the old milk shed

treasures and junk found in the old milk shed

treasures and junk found in the old milk shed
  • Pile #2 had items to discard. Broken terracotta pots, bent and rusted metal poles, a metal pamphlet display rack, brittle garden hose, hand-operated cement mixer, a small piece of metal roofing, and more.

  • The last pile contained wood that needed to be moved to the burn pile. Mostly it had short pieces of wood and warped paneling from long-ago projects. 
The inside of the old milk shed seems so much bigger now that it's empty.  We are probably going to enclose it the rest of the way and either use it for equipment storage or as livestock housing.

inside the old milk shed

inside the old milk shed

inside the old milk shed

This milk shed dates back to at least the 1960s, where it appears on the original map for our community development.  More likely it was built in the 1940s when this property was used as a dairy farm. We are impressed with how sturdily this structure was built.

rafters of the milk shed

Only minor repairs are needed to maintain this shed.  The roof needs to be cleaned off and a ridge cap installed to cover the small gap across the top. Inside, one of the pieces of wood that separates two sections of the shed has fallen down, but it's not a structural wall and so this is only a cosmetic fix.  Also, the shed needs new gutters.

As you can see, the existing gutters are overgrown with moss and ferns and the metal is rusted.  There's something charming about a fern growing out of an old gutter - such a country kind of thing to see.

Driving tractor


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