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Flowers in the Garden

Flowers in the Garden, flowers by the barn

Flowers in a riot of colors are growing everywhere in the garden.  Most of the flowers are donors that took root on their own. I've never seen flowers grow so tall.  We had an enormous patch of cilantro that was all donor plants, growing in among the asparagus and potatoes.  Now the cilantro has produced lacy white flowers that tower over us at 7 feet tall.  Eventually these will give us coriander seeds and I suppose this year I'd better harvest all of it before it sends an even greater proliferation of seeds into the ground for next year.

Flowers in the garden

Six foot tall blue cornflower (below) is helping to stake up the tomato bushes on one side. I'm not sure how we're going to pick tomatoes since the cornflowers have bushed out into the aisle.  Once spiders begin making their home here, it will be dicey trying to pick tomatoes every day.

Flowers in the garden, flowers holding up tomatoes

We finally harvested the rest of the peas and tore out all the pea plants, exposing nasturtiums growing underneath. Below is the fencing the peas were growing on. I'm thinking about planting black beans there next to the nasturtiums. Since we have a longer growing season here, the beans should reach maturity before the first frost.

Nasturtiums growing on a fence

Nasturtiums growing on a fence

Out at the end of the garden is an enormous squash and melon patch.

2020 garden

Squash flower

Next to the summer garden is another swath of flowers.

Flowers by the summer garden

Everything is growing so closely together that it's hard to figure out how to walk through it. I think my row spacing needs better planning next year.

Squash and melon

Looking back at the garden

Thank you for taking a look at our garden. If you have suggestions or ideas to help us improve the garden next year, please share your comments below!