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Cooking From the Garden

What makes a garden a success? For us, we know that our garden has been successful when we've eaten from it for most of our meals and when we've preserved food for the remainder of the year.

Coleslaw and Potato Salad made with garden fresh vegetables

By late June, we are able to harvest potatoes, cabbage, onion tops, carrots, herbs and many other veggies that can be used in all our meals.  For example, the other day I made potato salad with onion tops and potatoes from the garden along with hard boiled eggs from our hens.  I also made coleslaw using cabbage, shredded carrots and onion tops from the garden.

Friends who planted in our garden dug up some of their purple potatoes and shared them with us.  I used them to make homemade french fries for serving with our hamburgers tonight.  The unusual purple-colored fries were absolutely delicious!  We also ate beet tops that I steamed and then sprinkled with Himalayan salt. Our family ate every bite!

Fries and beet tops fresh from the garden

Home grown food is so fresh and delicious. I can't imagine a better way to eat!