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Winter Wonderland

Our first snow of the winter finally arrived. Last night and all through today, snow fell lightly and blanketed the earth in white. There's something magical about waking up to discover several inches of snow on the ground. Like a little girl excited to run out and play in the snow, I threw on warm clothes. At the door I added a heavy coat, big blue scarf, mittens and gloves, and I was outside inspecting the snow.  It was still dark out, too dark for photos. First chore of the morning was to shovel a path to the truck and clear off the snow from the truck's hood and windshield.  While I had the pleasure of staying home today, my husband had to go to work...this was the least I could do out of deference to his lack of a stay-home snow day.

Off my husband went to work. I went back inside to drink coffee and contemplate the day. Once it was daylight, I ventured out again to take a look around and let the chickens out of their hen house.

Mojo of course came along.  In the early morning, I like to have her by my side in case of bears.  (A bear was spotted behind our milking shed not too long ago.)

But Mojo could care less about bears as she is too busy stuffing her face into the snow hunting for birds.

What a goofy girl all covered in snow.

Up near the barn, Mocha the horse leans her head over the fence to say hello.

Mojo and I circle back toward the hen house and I let out the chickens.  Their water was frozen.  This time of year we pour hot water over their water container several times a day to thaw the ice.

It took some coaxing to get the chickens outside.  I threw some of their scratch grains in the snow next to a path I scraped for them.  This is the first snow several of the hens have ever seen, and so they ventured out with some amount of trepidation.

Back indoors for a while.  My daughter was busy doing her home school classes.  At lunch time, she was able to take a break and we ventured outside together.  Time to go sledding. Up to the closest tall hill along the Olympic Trail we went.

Before long we had to head back for another home school class.  She attends online home school. 

We enjoyed the views along our trek back.

Back home...Mojo is wiped out.  Time for us to sip some hot tea by the fire.