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Easy Sugar Scrub Recipe - Only Three Ingredients

Dry skin in winter can be a persistent concern and can lead to rough, cracked skin that takes months to heal. Whether it's your hands, knees, elbows or other areas that are super dry this winter, you can begin to heal your skin by using a good sugar scrub and moisturizer. A few years ago I bought a sugar scrub for my hands and while I loved the quality of the scrub that I'd purchased, it was an expensive product that I used up much too quickly.  Since then I have been on the lookout for a good sugar scrub recipe that I could more affordably make myself.  I came across this recipe from Melissa K. Norris, who has a very helpful and enjoyable homesteading vlog.

This sugar scrub has three simple ingredients that nearly everyone has in their pantry.  Sugar, oil and vanilla.  That's it!  For this jar that I made the other day, I used:

1/3 heaping cup of sugar
1/3 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Simply mix the ingredients together in a jar, put a lid on it and you're done!  The scrub will last a very long time if stored in a cool place.  My house is quite cool this time of year, and so I've been keeping it on a shelf next to the kitchen sink.

This scrub smells divine, just like homemade sugar cookies. Using the scrub is pure bliss.  Simply take out a small scoopful and rub it over your dry skin.  Then, rinse your skin with warm water.  The sugar crystals will dissolve away and the oils will begin to absorb into your skin with the aid of the warm water.  You are then left with moisturized skin that tingles slightly and is fragranced with the natural scent of vanilla.

You can use a different type of oil if you prefer.  For a sugar scrub that is white, you could use fractionated coconut oil (which is a liquid version of coconut oil).  I chose to use organic extra virgin olive oil because I have plenty of it in my cupboard.  Additionally, I prefer to use olive oil because it is very nourishing for the skin as it is rich in  vitamins A, D, E, and K.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals.  I also appreciate the antibacterial properties that are in olive oil, which helps to remove bacteria from the skin.

Be sure to use only fresh oil that has been stored properly and has not reached the "best by" date (if oil has become rancid, it can be harmful to the skin).

Another option you may consider for this scrub is to replace the vanilla with an essential oil of your choice.