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Merry Christmas from Vintage Home and Farm

We're sending the warmest and happiest holiday wishes your way this Christmas!  Despite the unusually wet and dreary weather of the past few days (we've had an "atmospheric river" pass over this side of Washington), we are keeping warm and staying in good spirits thanks to both the wood fires burning in our hearths and our family and friends who have warmed our hearts with their love and good cheer.  We are reminded of the special meaning of Christmas and know that we are truly blessed.

As is our tradition, our Christmas tree is decorated with all the handmade and gifted ornaments we've collected over the years. It's a family Christmas tree with no other theme except treasures that have special meaning to each of us.

As I write this, dinner is cooking in the oven and we are kicking back and relaxing after spending the day traveling to visit family.  My daughter is drawing next to the tree and my husband is reading.

This year we decorated with minimal fuss by placing our favorite items here and there.

Many decorations were made by our family and friends, such as a crocheted wreath, macrame Santa and sequin stocking.

Don't you just love handmade things? The effort and care that went into each gift warms my heart. 

Everything is nearly done for the evening.  Do you mentally check off your to-do list each night to make sure you've completed the evening tasks before you go to bed?  I've checked off my list: the chores are done, dinner is nearly ready; the animals have been fed; chickens have been counted, petted and tucked in for the evening--all eleven of them, which includes one hen who is still laying eggs and ten other freeloaders.  Below are the "three originals" who started us on the chicken adventure, piled up in their wooden box inside the coop.

Our dog Mojo has gotten even more spoiled, as she now creeps up onto the couch with us. What a naughty girl. And the cats, Grey Guy and Tipper, are sleeping in their favorite spots -- Tipper is under the blankets on our daughter's bed and below is Grey Guy asleep on the orange chair. Nothing looks more comfortable than a sleeping cat.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas filled with many warm and happy moments!