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Happy Thanksgiving from Vintage Home and Farm

With Thanksgiving upon us, are you counting your blessings? While holiday activities draw everyone out and about, keeping us all busy with preparations and gatherings, it's nice to pause for a moment to ruminate on and share our blessings.  We've had ups and downs this past year, and have faced a number of challenges --  but even so, we have much to be thankful for!  I am thankful for my family and friends, who are a tremendous blessing to me.

So, are you ready for Turkey Day?  Despite the holiday falling a bit later in the year, it's still been a mad rush to get everything done so that it will be ready for the table at the big feast.  Hopefully you won't have to travel far, as we hear the weather is promising to be frightful for the long weekend across most of the country. 

Here at Vintage Home and Farm, our family has two celebrations -- one at my father-in-law's house on Thanksgiving Day, where we will be bringing two pumpkin pies, dinner rolls and cranberry sauce.  I'm nearly finished baking for that get-together.  Mmmmm...I do love the smell of homemade rolls.  I made a double batch of the recipe that I've grown to love from Living Traditions Homestead (see their Youtube video with the recipe) - it's a basic roll that can be shaped into dinner rolls, hot dog buns, hamburger buns and bread.  I think I made enough for the gathering -- there should be 2 rolls for each person, not that everyone will eat two.  But they might!

The cranberry sauce is also ready.  Since we will be traveling, it seemed sensible to put the cranberry sauce in a tall jar.  It can be emptied into a bowl when we get there.  I kind of made up my own version for the recipe, using orange juice, orange zest, brown sugar and cinnamon.  And I added extra cranberries half-way through cooking it so that it would have some whole berries in it still.  

Yesterday, I baked 3 more of our sugar pie pumpkins that we grew in our garden. After they cooled, I scooped out the soft pumpkin from their shells and then pureed it using a food processor. Into the refrigerator the pumpkin puree went, to be used in today's baking.  The pumpkin pies are in the oven now...

There's always a little extra pie filling that I put into a glass bowl to bake in the oven alongside the pies.  You know that extra won't last long once it's baked. Yum!

Our second Thanksgiving celebration will be here at our home.  My family is coming, and I'm treating all to the full meal!  We will have overnight guests as well.  I can't wait to see everyone!

Whatever your plans are, we are wishing you a warm and homey Thanksgiving filled with the comfort and joy of loved ones around you and with full bellies for everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!