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Removing a Towering Laurel Hedge

Clancy from Catelli's Excavation came out today and in three hours removed about 150 feet of overgrown laurel hedge that surrounded our front yard.  We're so excited that the towering hedge has been torn out, as we can now see the front door of our 1940's Cape Cod house. Clancy's mini excavator was perfect for this job.

At 8 feet tall, the laurel hedge was a monstrosity blocking the entrance to our front door as well as making it impossible for us to see the barn and mountains from our first-floor windows.  While the privacy the hedge provided was nice, the openness with it being gone is even more appreciated.

Laurel grows like a weed with a root system that has to be removed to prevent it from becoming re-established in the future.  Soon, we'll get the tractor out and till a couple feet down along where the hedge has been removed to loosen up the soil, removing any remaining roots as we go. Perhaps a flower bed along the drive will go in its place.  Lavender would be nice.

Over the past 70 years, the hedge had grown up around an old wooden white-painted fence, completely surrounding the fence boards.  Clancy tore out the fence, too, and we saved some of the boards and a fence gate that we discovered.  The wood can be re-purpose for other projects around the farm.

We're only part-way done painting the exterior of the house, covering up the drab gray with a bright, cheerful yellow.  Eventually, we will also paint the door dark blue.  How exciting to be able to see the front of the house from the driveway!


  1. Wow! Such a beautiful house! Glad it's finally visible now ;)


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