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Gathering 68,000 Pounds of Free Firewood

A local tree service took down nine hazard trees from a property not too far away and offered the wood up for free on Craigslist.  The fallen trees included two cedar and seven fir. My husband was one of the first to call about it and was the first to have a truck and trailer available for moving the wood.  Free firewood would soon be ours!

The first load was moved by my husband and daughter while I was at work.  It was a monumental chore to roll each 250-pound round of wood up the aluminum ramps into the trailer. Once a load of the wood was home that first day and unloaded alongside the house, our neighbor, Brian saw the activity and came over to offer help.  

In exchange for helping with the remaining loads, my husband offered Brian half of the free wood. Like us, Brian heats his home primarily with wood during the cooler months, and so he appreciated the offer of free firewood.  

The two men then worked together, alternated dropping off a load of wood at Brian's house and then the next load at ours.  It ended up requiring 10 more trips over 5 days to transport all of the wood.

This was a great opportunity for neighbors to work together on a project that would benefit both families.  And now we have enough firewood to keep us warm for several winters.  The men estimate that each family has 8 cords of firewood.  Time to get the wood splitter out!