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Second Spring Harvest

The spring garden has been doing very well. There is so much lettuce that we will be eating salad with dinner every night for a while.  Today I gathered a giant bowl full of other veggies, as well -- spinach, Swiss chard, kale, radish, rhubarb and a few onion tops.

Donor tomatoes from last year's garden are sprouting up near the onions, carrots and beets.

It will be interesting to see how well these randomly rooted tomatoes do - I've decided to let them stay where they are.

Corn and pole beans are growing side-by-side in two long rows.  I'm hoping the pole beans will climb the corn stalks and they will grow real tall together.

Below is a portion of the lettuce that's flourishing in the garden.  I may need to give some to the neighbors.  I'd also like to leave a few heads of each kind to go to seed, for future plantings.

The tomatoes that I transplanted outside a couple weeks ago are slowly starting to establish themselves. We are using a cattle panel fence and t-posts to support the tomato plants.  As the plants grow, I'll weave their branches between the fencing.

Near the potatoes, donor sunflowers and more lettuce from last year's garden have taken hold.  We've already eaten several heads of this donor bibb lettuce.  It's very good.

Until recently, we've had a dry, sunny spring, which has meant watering is necessary several times a week if not daily to get seeds to germinate. 

A few days of light rain this past week, though, has kept everything green and even brought about a surprise.

Look what is growing in the field next to the barn:

It's a horse mushroom. This type of mushroom is edible.  Last year, we had a field full of them.  This is the only one that has come up so far this year.

These are the largest mushrooms I've ever encountered, and I can't believe they grow in our field.