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Happy Easter from Vintage Home and Farm

It's been a lovely Easter spent with family and friends here at Vintage Home and Farm.  Late this afternoon, we went for a long walk.  When we returned home, my daughter and I were inspired to take a few photos capturing spring's renewal.  We didn't have to go far - we headed out into the yard.

Cherry blossoms are beginning to fall like snow from an old tree near our driveway.

I noticed that the lilacs are covered with tightly closed blossoms.  I'm eager for the blossoms to open and fill our yard with the lovely sweet scent of lilacs.

The garden is doing well.  Here is the side garden, with lushly growing sage, parsley and rhubarb.

I've never seen rhubarb bolt and flower like this before. Looks like I need to do some research on it to figure out what to do next year, as I'm pretty sure there won't be much of a rhubarb harvest now.  The flowers are pretty, though.

Other signs of life in the garden include onions (above) and potatoes (below).

I was so worried none of the seeds would germinate. But there are tiny plants growing in nearly every row -- turnips, carrots, radishes, spinach and lettuce.

There are also donor plants everywhere in the garden.  Below are two such donors growing side-by-side: bibb lettuce and sunflower.

I think the donor plants are growing better than the seedlings I started this year.

After checking out the yard and garden, we went over to the barn to say hello to the animals.  Along the way we stop by the shop to take a photo of another mutated dandelion.  This one looks like three dandelions grew together.

Once inside the barn, the friendly horses, donkey and cat come up to say hello.

The first stall is Mocha's. She loves to be petted and will nibble on your fingers.

Further down is Reggie the miniature horse, who has a soft, warm nose.  She loves to sniff your hand.

Patch hears us coming in, and he hee-haws super loud.  He wants attention and food.

Along the way through the barn, Barney the barn cat weaves around our legs, eager to be petted.  He gets quite a bit of attention from all the owners and visitors at the barn.  

We head back home to pet our own kitty.

It's been a lovely day here with many Easter blessings. May your home also be filled with harmony and springtime joy!