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Starting Plants in the House

To get a jump-start on the growing season, we started a number of vegetable plants from seed inside the house. We have a perfect southern-exposure window that gets sun all day long. Two grow lights at the top of a metal rack helps the tomato and pepper plants on cloudy days.

The tomatoes have been transplanted twice now to larger pots.

My garden diary is filled with notes about what has been planted and the empty seed packets are stuffed inside (I keep the empty envelopes so I can recall which seeds I used if they do well).  I also use the diary for tracking what seeds are in seedling trays so that I don't have to use plant labels until the seeds have actually germinated.

Today I filled 72 more seed pods. It's getting kind of late to start more seeds in the house, but I'm anxious for the May planting season to arrive.

I've used up all of the garden pots that I have, and so we've moved on to re-purposing yogurt containers into garden pots. Actually, any container that we come across that's sized right has been making its way to the garden window. I just poke holes in the bottoms and put lids underneath to catch water.

The garden window isn't the only space with plants. Houseplants are finding their way into our windows and on counters in other rooms, too.

Growing all these plants indoors has helped bring new life to our vintage home.