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Sunny Skies on a Cold Northwest Winter Day

A cheerful blue sky greeted us on Sunday morning, and so we headed out for a walk.  With dog in tow, we ambled across the backyard and onto the path that winds its way along Morse Creek.

A thick grove of alder trees lines the banks of Morse Creek and surrounds the path.  There's a path along each side of the creek.  Usually we walk down the creek on one path and then return back up the creek along the other side.  Two bridges cross the creek.

Along the way, we see glimpses of the private golf course that is part of our neighborhood association.  We sometimes walk on the golf course - there is hardly ever anyone there.

Once we reach the Strait of Juan de Fuca, we climb over the logs onto the rocky shore to explore. It's fun to beachcomb, looking for shells, unusual-looking rocks and crustaceans hiding under rocks, along with whatever the sea has brought in that day.

Just watching the tide, and the sea birds, is enjoyable, too.  It's a nice spot to rest before heading back home.

With all the rain in the lower elevations, along with the snow buildup and melt off that keeps occurring in the nearby mountains, Morse Creek has been running high.