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Eggs for Sale on the Farm

About a month ago, we decided to sell our extra eggs.  We thought about putting up a sign at the end of the driveway, but instead my husband simply placed a post on Nextdoor, a social media site we've been reading to keep in touch with neighbors.  We were surprised at the response.  Soon all our extra eggs were gone and we ended up starting a waiting list for neighbors who wanted more.

We've collected a number of egg cartons to reuse for this purpose, and one of our friends gave us a giant stack of cartons.  Today I made a fun label to begin putting on the tops of the cartons.  I thought people might enjoy knowing the names of the hens who laid their breakfast. All ten of our girls are listed on the label, along with the rooster who protects them (he deserves a little credit, too!).

I love the sizes and colors of eggs we get from our hens.  Each hen's egg is a little bit different.

My husband started putting the egg money into a milk jar.  We figured we'd save it up to buy chicken feed.  I think we're breaking even at this point on keeping the chickens well fed.

There appears to be a strong interest in the community to buy freshly laid eggs from a local farm.  We were also surprised at how those who stopped indicated interest in our other farm amenities.  Until now, we've grown a garden mainly to supply our own needs.  Several who have stopped for eggs have asked about our garden and fruit trees.  One woman purchased a sackfuls of winter apples while she was here for eggs. I had originally thought our opportunities to sell our produce would be limited somewhat to the Saturday Market. Instead, we're thinking that online advertising on sites like Nextdoor and Craigslist may draw enough people by to be able to sell our surplus each year.