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Spring Flowers by the Barn

Spring has arrived in full force here in our neck of the woods!  One of the earliest signs of spring here is the row of daffodils that our neighbors planted along the fence by the community barn.

The flowers run along the entire east side of the pasture, between the road and the fence.

The flowers can be enjoyed by all, as anyone who calls this place home or comes to visit our little community drives past them when entering or leaving the neighborhood. 

Plum trees are in bloom, too -- I always try to take notice of the early buds on the trees and when the flowers are just starting to open. The air has a lovely floral scent from pollen as the flower petals on this tree are just starting to fall.

I'm looking forward to picking a large barrel of plums for making jam later this fall. Along my walk today, I also stopped a moment to admire my neighbor's two male bull calves.

They've grown quite a lot in the past year.  My family enjoys being near the farm animals that live around us with our neighbors.