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Rapidly Flowing Stream and Clear Skies on a Winter Day

While the temperatures have hovered near freezing, the skies have cleared enough that my daughter and I decided to venture out for brisk walk.  We crossed the backyard to the trail that runs along the creek.

We've noticed how the water in the creek moves swiftly this time of year as it flows toward the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We can hear the water's roar from the upstairs master bedroom. It's even louder once you're in the yard. Up close, it's quite impressive to listen to and watch.  You wouldn't want to accidentally fall into the stream this time of year - not only is it cold, it's deeper and moving fast enough to probably carry you downstream, where there's an even bigger body of water.  Nature's power is impressive to behold.

There are several really nice views that we pause for along our walk.  The one from this bridge is particularly enjoyable.  In the late fall, this is where we saw salmon swimming and spawning.

One last bridge toward the end of the path gives us a very nice view of the Strait.

While it's colder living near the water (I think it's from the dampness -- somehow 30 degrees F feels colder when you're near a body of water than if you're inland), the natural beauty of our surroundings is certainly a draw for us to want to live here.