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Taking Chickens for a Walk

At the risk of being called a Chicken Whisperer, I will admit that I enjoy taking chickens for a walk.  It all started when I noticed one day, a few weeks back, that our three girls follow me around the property when I let them out of their pen.  I like to walk around in the late afternoon and inspect things, or I might be out doing a chore.  As I transition from one area of the property to the next, I noticed that my three hens would soon come along, pecking the ground, but following just the same.

So, I decided to see if I could actually take chickens for a walk.

taking chickens for a walk

Meet my three hens. Amy, above left, is a Rhode Island Red. Henrietta is an Orpington. And trailing behind is Miss Prissy Fuzzy Bottom, a Wyandotte. Prissy has a crooked toe but she walks just fine. These girls were city chickens who moved to the country with us.

walking with chickens

So, here we go. They've left their pen, and sure enough, they're tagging along.

chickens free ranging

It's a pleasant way to spend a half-hour, slowly circling the house with my three hens.

chickens walking along driveway

The long driveway puts us a ways off the road. The girls are safe.

three chickens

They eat bugs and weeds as they go. I appreciate their help in maintaining control over those.

wyandotte chicken on fence

Now, you can buy chicken harnesses if you want to take chickens for a walk, and maybe if my three hens go for a longer walk with me we might consider it. For now, these three girls do pretty well without a harness on our property.

There you have it. You can indeed take chickens for a walk. Thanks for joining us!