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Beautiful Wood Floors are Refinished

We called upon VanDyke Hardwood Floors out of Port Angeles to refinish our 73-year-old wood floors.  The beautiful and original wood floors extend the full upstairs of our house, covering about 1,500 square feet.

VanDyke Hardwood Floors uses a BONA dust collection system that made a dirty job much cleaner.  As you know from my other posts, the previous owners of our house had pets that had left urine stains everywhere.  I was glad that the dust from sanding was being trapped inside the BONA dust collection system.  This kept the house mostly free of hazardous airborne particles that could potentially have caused us health issues, especially since we were living downstairs in the house while this work was going on.

I was also careful to turn off our HVAC system while the sanding was going on, so that any dust that escaped would not circulate throughout the house.

Most of the urine stains were removed simply by sanding off the very top layer of the wood floors.  Those that remained were blocked with a strong, clear sealer that they applied.

Randy at VanDyke is a wood floor expert. He was able to point out what types of wood were used.  I was interested to discover that the original hardwood that was installed includes a mix of white oak, red oak and a little bit of maple thrown in here and there.

Refinishing the floors made a huge difference in cleaning and removing all the bad odors from the house. We selected a clear stain and sealer, so that we could enjoy the natural beauty of the wood. This also made the flooring brighter, which helped since the walls are a relatively dark knotty pine.

We were careful to wait a week to move into the space, so that the new finish on the floor could harden well.

This House with Knotty Pine

See many more photos of our house with its wood walls in our e-book, This House with Knotty PineClick to download your copy from the Amazon bookshelf (for reading on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC using the free Kindle app). 

Knotty pine walls e-book

In the book, which you can download and view now, you'll discover how we stumbled upon our unique home. The house was once part of a dairy farm, but it had fallen into disrepair over the years.  Despite the sad state of the house, the solid planks of knotty pine throughout were still in great shape. Included are photos of the renovation plus many more photos of each of the eight rooms decorated. Click to see the book on Amazon.

We invite you to download your copy of the book, which follows our journey as we share what we learned while renovating and decorating a house with its vintage knotty pine walls. See photos of our rooms from start to finish and throughout the seasons.


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