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Meet the Flock: Part 3

Hello! Welcome to our little farm where we raise chickens and ducks, watch over an apiary full of honeybees, tend to a garden, and wait for the field of blueberry bushes to mature. If you missed it, be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this three-part series where we introduce you to the birds in our flock!

We are proud to introduce...

Beaker #2

Photo of Beaker #2, an all-gray hen

A few years ago, we had a hen named Beaker who was all gray. She was hatched from an egg that one of our other hens laid (we weren’t sure who) and her father was Captain Rooster. So, her breed was a mystery. The first Beaker has since passed away, and then this second all-gray hen came along last spring when we purchased her from Coastal Farm and Ranch. She was supposed to be a Rhode Island Red. But, as can happen, the chicks got mixed up in the bin and we ended up with Beaker #2. We adore her anyhow. She is very shy and runs away if approached.

Chandler & Janice

These two golden hens are super friendly and easy-going. They are also good egg layers, providing a light brown egg nearly every day.

photo of our hen named Janice

photo of our hen named chandler

This breed of hen is called Gold Sex Link and they are known for being docile and a good first choice if you are new to chicken keeping because they are a low commitment (they only live about four years long). Our last two Gold Sex Link hens lived about six years, though, due to extra pampering. They are delightful hens.

Phoebe and Rachel

Once upon a time during a pandemic, we bought some ducklings. They all grew up to become male ducks, so we realized there would be no duck eggs for us. Then, Paul saw an ad on Craigslist for three free female ducks. We gladly welcomed the females to the flock and our boy ducks had girl ducks to play with. These two girl ducks are Phoebe and Rachel. 

photo of our duck named phoebe

photo of our duck named rachel

We didn’t realize how much boy ducks love the ladies…there was simply too much loving going on for our hens to handle. So, we have since given away two of the boys to another farm. Only Cheese remains here.

Monica and Cheese

Monica loves to hang out with Cheese and the two seem to be a mated pair. She often chases and scolds him, quacking loudly, possibly trying to keep him away from the other hens and to herself.

photo of our ducks monica and cheese

Stay tuned for more features on our flock!