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Chimney Swifts Found Living in Our Second Chimney

If you've been following my blog, you may recall that last fall we discovered hundreds of dead birds in the chimney  when we went to clean it for the installation of a pellet stove.  Now, we're ready to install a new wood stove in another section of our 1940s-era house.  The project includes replacing an old chimney liner and cap. So of course, we called Scott from Fire Pro Chimney Sweeping, since he was so great in dealing with our crazy birds-in-they-chimney situation last time. We were more than a little worried about birds.  Part of the reason was because the old chimney liner had slid 3 feet down inside the chimney when the prior owners pulled their old wood stove out and took it with them. The cap attached to the top of the liner has been sitting there, recessed inside the chimney, for about 2 years now.  This situation has surely given room for birds to get inside. The other reason we've been worried is because, with spring upon us, thousands of small swiftly-fly