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Healthy Sheet Pan Suppers

The ingredients on this sheet pan were so colorful that I had a need to share it.  It's one of the easiest ways to make meals that incorporates fresh vegetables with herbs and olive oil.  Sheet pan suppers! Simply slice veggies into smaller sizes that will cook quickly, then rub olive oil on everything, spread it out across a pan, sprinkle with your favorite herbs and seasonings -- we enjoy rosemary, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper and only a little bit of salt -- and then bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes or so.   After 10 minutes in the oven, use a spatula to turn and mix the veggies a bit so that they can brown on both sides.  As soon as the veggies are tender and your meat is cooked through, remove and enjoy! Our latest version of the sheet pan supper included several salmon fillets (given to us by our neighbor, Brian, who is an avid fisherman).  I added potato spears, mushrooms, tri-colored sweet peppers, and believe it or not freshly cut spinach and swiss cha

"I Love You" From Mojo the Dog

Valentine's Day is upon us, and our sweet farm dog Mojo has something to say. You may be wondering why we taught our dog to say, "I love you." Or I guess for her, the words come out something more like, "I ruff you." Being the Scooby-Doo fans that we are, we thought it would be fun to teach our Springer Spaniel a few words.  After a couple days of encouragement along with some Scooby snacks, Mojo began to speak to us with her low growly voice.  Eventually she began to understand that we were looking for her to say just three growly words with a speech pattern that sounds like "I love you." Nowadays, Mojo says those three words pretty much anytime she wants anything from us.  She talks growly to us for her kibble, to get a bone, when she wants to sit up on the couch next to us (zoiks!), to be allowed up on the bed (jinkies!) and to go outside. (Can you tell she is the world's most spoiled dog?) If we mention going for a walk, the dog comes u

Starting Back Up Again

The days are becoming longer which means several of our hens that had stopped laying over the dark and dreary months of fall and winter are now back in the nest.  Where most winter days we've been lucky to get a single egg, yesterday there were a whopping 4 eggs in one nest. The hens have a whole bunch of nests to choose from, but for whatever reason they prefer to wait and take turns in order to deposit every egg in just one nest. This does make it more convenient for me to gather the eggs. Included in yesterday's haul was one of the prized Easter eggs, a delightful green-shelled egg laid by Angel, our puffy-cheeked white Ameraucana hen.  We haven't been eating that many eggs lately and so I have now accumulated enough to fill this wire egg holder.  I can't decide if the wire holder is a bunny or a chick. It depends on how you look at it - we can see both. Angel and one of the Rhode Island Red hens that is appropriately named Little Red have been up to their old

Snowy Days and Rising Creek Waters

Today's snow may be short-lived but it is a reminder from Jack Frost that he hasn't lessened his grip on us quite yet. I've been watching the snow fall from our office window where I can also see the creek in the distance. Morse Creek has risen and is flowing rapidly, which makes me a little nervous.  This has been one of the wettest winters on record for our area.  The photo below is taken from the edge of our back yard this morning. Unaffected by the turbulent creek water, the trail along the creek looks so peaceful in the morning snow.