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"I Love You" From Mojo the Dog

Valentine's Day is upon us, and our sweet farm dog Mojo has something to say.

You may be wondering why we taught our dog to say, "I love you." Or I guess for her, the words come out something more like, "I ruff you." Being the Scooby-Doo fans that we are, we thought it would be fun to teach our Springer Spaniel a few words.  After a couple days of encouragement along with some Scooby snacks, Mojo began to speak to us with her low growly voice.  Eventually she began to understand that we were looking for her to say just three growly words with a speech pattern that sounds like "I love you."

Nowadays, Mojo says those three words pretty much anytime she wants anything from us.  She talks growly to us for her kibble, to get a bone, when she wants to sit up on the couch next to us (zoiks!), to be allowed up on the bed (jinkies!) and to go outside. (Can you tell she is the world's most spoiled dog?)

If we mention going for a walk, the dog comes unglued at the door by telling us how much she adores us with a long string of funny growly talk.

The  more excited Mojo gets, the more words she inserts along with an "I love you".  The dog has become quite talkative.

Below is a video of our farm dog Mojo saying "I love you" for Valentine's Day.