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Welcome Home Ducklings and Chicks

Aren't ducklings cute?  We couldn't resist.  On Thursday my daughter helped me clean out the giant metal feeding trough that will serve as their new "home".  We washed it out and then set it in the sunroom on the back of the house to dry.  This morning I put several inches of pine shavings inside it, cleaned out a water container and food dish for them, and installed the heat lamp.  Then I went to Airport Garden Nursery as soon as they opened.  There was already a line of people waiting in their cars.  


The nursery is considered an essential business here in Washington and so it remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was quite a challenge to continue social distancing while the mad rush was going on to get these birdies.  I clearly wasn't the only one looking to purchase chicks and ducks.  A bit worried they'd run out before it was my turn, I nonetheless waited patiently in my vehicle until my number was called.  Then, at last, it was my turn to go inside.  Each person was only allowed to take six total birds, whether selecting chicks or ducklings or a mix of the two. My selection included:
  • 2 Runner ducks
  • 2 Khaki Campbell ducks
  • 2 Barred Rock chicks
Chicks and Ducklings

Barred Rock chick

Both the Runner ducks and Khaki Cambell ducks are good egg layers.  We are hoping to eventually have a nice supply of eggs from our ducks.  We're also looking forward to when they are bigger and can go outside where they will be intermixed with our chickens and will have a little blue swimming pool to play in.

Chicks and Ducklings

Welcome home, little babies!