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Time Capsule Ideas for New Home: What to Put Behind a Tiny Hidden Door?

It's getting closer to New Year's Eve, and so one of my tasks is to begin putting together time capsule ideas. As promised in an earlier blog, the time capsule will be placed behind a secret door, hidden deep inside a closet of our old farmhouse.  We still have no idea what's behind that tiny door. I quiver with childish delight thinking about what could be hidden in there. And, if there is nothing really cool lurking behind the tiny door, we'll be placing a time capsule there for future homeowners (or our grand kids) to find some day.

Which brings me to a really import part of our planning: The Time Capsule Ideas List. I'm basing this list on what I wish I could have found left behind by prior homeowners, here in the house, as a new homeowner wondering about the history of this old place. Who lived here before us? What were they like? What was their daily life like here on this farm?  What did they do, and what did they produce using the land?  What was the surrounding community like?  The questions go on from there.  And so, here are the ideas I have come up with so far.

Time Capsule Ideas List:

  1. History of the old farmhouse. It's taken considerable effort to gather some history, and we are also fortunate that a local historian also recently did abundant research.
  2. Current photos from around town - show what it was like here in 2017 when we bought the house.
  3. Before and after photos of the interior renovations. While we are far from done, we can show what has been accomplished, and what we plan to do.
  4. A list of what we think the world will be like in 50 years. Flying cars? Teleport tunnels that zoom us to work and school? Hundreds of cures?
  5. Who lives here now; a current family photo
  6. Current newspaper issue
  7. Photos of the animals in the barn along with their names
  8. Details about our quaint little neighborhood
I will also need to make a Time Capsule box to put the items into.  This is a good project for me and my daughter.

Do you have suggestions for what we might consider adding to the Time Capsule Ideas List? I welcome your thoughts in the Comments.