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February Nature Walk

We went for a nature walk the other day, one that we've taken many times. It takes us past our neighbor's cow field, up over the old railroad bridge, along Morse Creek, and out to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. While it was a cold, cloudy day, it had finally stopped raining and the crisp air felt wonderful after being cooped up in the house.

We stopped to admire a small waterfall that tumbles down the saturated hillside and follows our path. I loved the bubbling sound of the water trickling downhill.

If you look closely, you can see signs that spring isn't too far away. We stopped to take note that the osoberry trees (also known as Indian plum) were forming leaf buds along their stems.

The vibrant green ferns stood out in an otherwise drab winter landscape. 

I found myself admiring the forms of the barren alder, maple, cottonwood, and oaks that grow in this area. Some grow closely together, while others lean over, stretching their limbs at odd angles, perhaps reaching toward the sun. A few have split or fallen, struck down by a mighty gust of wind during a winter storm.

As we reached the strait, we breathed in the salty sea air. Gulls called out and oddly there was also a cow bellowing. There is a small farm right next to the sea.

We found a perfect spot to rest and admire the view of the sea before we headed back home.