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My First Cast Iron Pan (Isn't It Cute?)

cast iron pan on wood stove

There is a wood stove in our family room (The Corral) that has just enough space on top for a small cast iron pan. I've been thinking about trying to cook on the wood stove for five years now, ever since we installed the wood stove, and finally, this year we bought a small cast iron pan just for this purpose. Isn't it adorable? I didn't realize they made such tiny cast iron pans.

cast iron pan with hot pads

We also bought the two hot pads that go around the handle of the pan. 

There isn't much space on top of our wood stove for cooking. The vent pipe comes out the middle of the stove. Also, the wood stove is partially recessed into the fireplace, which doesn't give much room above the stove for a tall pan. This short pan is about the size of a slice of bread. In fact, it's intended for making paninis. But, we can also cook eggs and other things in it.

There's room on the other side of the vent pipe for another small cast iron pan. I think I will have to go back to Swain's and buy the one that is a couple inches taller, as it appears to be just right for cooking up a single serving of soup. Then, this winter, I can cook a panini and some soup on the wood stove.