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A Midsummer Update

Time is just flying by, and I realized I had not posted anything here in quite a while. So, I updated our bee journal and garden journal with all the latest. I thought I'd share what else we've been up to here in the blog as well.

We volunteered at the Lavender Festival in our local beekeeper's association tent a few days ago. It was so lovely there at the George Washington Inn's lavender farm. My daughter and I both wore long dresses and straw hats.

The day before the lavender festival, we went clam digging. It was our first time digging for clams up here in this area. We've dug razor clams many times on the Washington coast. These were a bit different. We each managed to get our limit, about 10 pounds each, of butter clams and horse clams. I made Manhattan Clam Chowder last night and froze the rest for enjoying later, either as clam fritters or New England Clam Chowder.

Our clam digging location was Fort Flagler, which isn't too far from Port Towsend, Washington. The area includes a beautiful state park, historic fort, campground, and long sandy beach. 

It took us about an hour and a half to get our clam limits, and we found that the #2 shovel did the best (that's the one we refer to as a regular garden shovel). We ate lunch at The Beachcomber Cafe, a seasonal grocery store and cafe that serves fantastic burgers of all kinds - beef, chicken, salmon, and so on. Of course, I opted for the beef burger, which had a giant roasted red onion. I will have to try cooking an onion that way; it was the best part of the burger. The onion was sliced thickly and cooked on the grill to perfect tenderness.

We bought a gigantic blow-up seahorse for our daughter to use at the neighborhood swimming pool. She's taken it there several times with her friends when they've gone swimming. I have to say, that thing looks so hilarious strapped to the top of the golf cart.

Our daughter also bought this cute little dress for me that is for our hens. Our Americauna hen named Little White Bird donned the dress for a photo session. How cute is that?

My husband has been working especially hard putting in a fence around our field of blueberries. It's quite an undertaking. Our daughter has helped him for several days, too.

The fence is 70 feet wide by 110 feet long and has 44 total 10-foot tall posts. The posts were pounded four feet into the ground, so the final fence height is 6 feet - enough to keep the deer out!

Speaking of deer, they are here every day. Below is a mom and her fawn eating from our bird feeder.  They also munch on the roses by our front door.


Hope you all are having an enjoyable summer. Be sure to take some time to have fun!