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We Bought a Hammock at Auction

Last weekend, we bought a practically new hammock at a local auction. First, my husband had to order straps to attach the hammock to the trees. Then the straps arrived today. My husband wasted no time getting the hammock up and testing it out. In fact, each of us took turns climbing inside it.    

husband trying out a hammock

It's amazingly cozy. I was surprised at how relaxing it actually was stretched out there.

me on the hammock

All of us agreed this is the perfect summer spot.

daughter on the hammock

The trees we put the hammock between seem to be growing at precisely the correct distance from each other so that a hammock could hang there. Was it planned that way? Sure does seem like it.

Look at the beautiful tree canopy above.

under the tree canopy

Family and friends, come and stay with us and enjoy the hammock this summer!