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Bees Can Sting Through Your Jeans

Bees can indeed sting through jeans. I did not know that.  My honeybees seemed so gentle that I haven't been using the smoker when I've gone into the hive.  Even if I have to brush some out of the way, they just go back to work and ignore me.  Well, not today!  Those angry bees swarmed out of the hive and gave me the what-for.  Not only that, they gathered around my crotch and stung me right there through the jeans.  I have 8 bee stings in my upper thighs and unmentionable area.  I had to drop everything and run away, far away, and then even farther away because they were furiously chasing me.  Then I was jumping around grabbing my crotch because it felt like they were continuing to bite me. Were they somehow inside my pants?  I ran into the garage and ripped my pants off to see.  Bees fell on the ground around me and were buzzing all over in there.

Sadly, after changing my jeans and scraping the remaining bees from my person, I had to go back out there and finish feeding them and close up their hive. Then I had to tend the other hive.  All before treating my wounds.

So, the question now is, how do I treat bee stings on my crotch?

Some lessons are just learned the hard way.