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Delightful Daffodils

The daffodils have been blooming for longer than usual around here! So, we thought we should share a few photos.

daffodils by the barn

The patch of lovely daffodils that grows alongside the barn fence is maintained by our neighborhood.

daffodils along the farm fence

My father-in-law, Richard, gave us a bag full of daffodils earlier this year. I planted them in pots and placed them by the front doors. They are doing really well! 

daffodils in pots by the front door

We have two front doors...above is our casual entry door that goes into the kitchen, and below is the "official" front door that goes into an entryway next to our living room.  

daffodils in pots by the formal entry door

I looked back to see when I first took a photo of the daffodils, and it was on March 6. That is an entire month of blooms so far!