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Wildly Rushing Creek Behind Our House

 After several weeks of heavy rain, last night we had a wind storm that battered our old house, eerie wind whistling through cracks and crevices and keeping us up most of the night. Toward morning, lightening strikes in the area lit up the sky as warm wind from the southwest collided with cold air that's been hovering around here. Rain pounded the roof.  The weather was clearly shifting last night as the house is so warm this morning I haven't started a fire in our woodstove yet. 

Meanwhile, the creek behind our house has nearly reached its bank on our side. King tides out in the Strait of Juan de Fuca are contributing to the higher than normal water level rise, as is melting snow up on the nearby Olympic Mountains and the days and days of heavy rain. This is the hardest I've seen the creek run since we moved here three years ago.  It's a good thing we have flood insurance.  

Wildly rushing creek behind our house

I walked to the creek's edge this morning and was alarmed by the sheer volume and momentum of water rushing downstream. Don't trip and fall in, I thought, as I stood there in my Boggs rubber boots, still wearing my lavender polka dot pajamas, my robe replaced with a warm suede and fur coat. That's what I often wear at sunrise when I let out the chickens and ducks. Don't judge 😄

A quick inspection of the property showed that no tree limbs fell on the house, chicken coop or milk shed last night.  The garbage can lids blew away and there was trash in the backyard.  Our hens and ducks made a louder ruckus than usual when I let them out, probably because they spent a night spooked by all the noise from garbage blowing around.  Otherwise, all seems okay here.  Hope you all are doing well and are safe, as we begin this unusual new year.