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Our 2021 Garden Seed Order Arrived!


2021 garden seed order arrived

Look what was in the mailbox today - our garden seed order for 2021! It felt like Christmas all over again. I couldn't get that package open fast enough!  Ooooh, look how pretty, all those brand new packets containing the seeds of abundant harvests to come!  I love the thank you message with its cute little flower that someone at Deep Harvest Farm wrote on the packing slip.  

This pile of seeds is the bulk of our seed order for the new year.  We decided to order these seeds from Deep Harvest Farm for three reasons:

  1. Located in Whidbey Island, Washington, they are a nearby farm that produces its own seeds from open-pollinated, organic plants they grow right there!  Their seeds come from plants that have adapted to growing in the Pacific Northwest.

  2. They are smaller than the other mainstream seed companies.  This is a great opportunity for us to support a more local small business.

  3. Bigger seed companies are swamped and behind right now.  Deep Harvest was ready to take our order!  And our seeds arrived in record time!  
I'm loving their seed envelopes and the planting instructions they provided on the back.  I tried to go with the tastiest and hardiest varieties of everything I could find.  There are some varieties in the order that I haven't heard about before and others that seem to be popular right now.  I'll post a list of the seeds we ordered soon with details about each, in case you are interested in what we got!