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Happy New Year!

To bring good fortune and prosperity in the new year, we made a lemon pig, and additionally we've got some spicy barbecue flavored black eyed peas and cabbage simmering in the slow cooker, following a southern tradition that was shared to us by friends.  

The cute little lemon pig was made by my husband and daughter.  The portly yellow pig has toothpicks for legs, whole cloves for eyes, a penny for his mouth and cut out ears. He smells so good, too, with the juice of the lemon able to seep slightly thanks to the holes made in it from the penny, cloves and toothpicks. 

Lemon pig

Learn more about the good luck of lemon pigs from this article on CNN.  

Following the horrendous year we just finished, anything we can do to bring good luck and prosperity into the world seems worth a try. Plus, with his crooked smile, the lemon pig is awfully cute sitting there on the living room fireplace mantle.