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First Snow of the Season

 The Winter Solstice arrived yesterday and it was also our first snow of this season!  We were a bit surprised because the snow wasn't anticipated very far in advance. Local forecasters had only been predicting a few days of heavy rain.

First snow in Port Angeles

Wind chimes in the snow

There is something magical about a first snow.  Like two little kids, my daughter and I are drawn outside to explore, enjoying the way the snow covers everything in pristine white.

Metal bird art in the snow

Here is a short video of the snow falling:

About an inch total accumulated by the end of the evening. We didn't spend very long outside due to the cold. It was a heavy, wet, slushy kind of snow.  The kind of snow that quickly chills you to the bone.  We only went outside a couple times, mostly to take care of the chickens and ducks.

Snowy tree at dusk

Hope you all are keeping warm! 

Christmas tree and snow outside