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Happy Holidays From the Farm Animals

Patch the Donkey
Patch the Donkey

There was finally a break in the rain today and so we headed outside to visit with the farm animals. As we entered the community barn, we noticed how festive it looks with red ribbons hanging along each stall. Our neighbors have been busy decorating. Each of the animals in the barn has a Christmas stocking as well. 

Red ribbons outside each horse stall in the barn

Stockings for each barn animal

Mocha the horse says hello
Mocha the Horse

Mocha is always eager for attention. She's a rambunctious horse and so we handle her with care. Before long, we were also greeted by Barney the Barn Cat, who hopped down from a bale of hay to come over and greet us. Loud meowing and purring are hard to ignore and so Barney was thoroughly petted before we headed back outside.

Barney the Barn Cat
Barney the Barn Cat

Barn fence posts decorated for Christmas

We walked out to the end of the field to take in the shiny foil decorations hanging on the fence posts all along the horse field.  The decorations are a tradition for our neighborhood. 

Before we left the barn, we were fortunate that Andrea stopped by to get Reggie dressed up for his holiday photos. She let us join in the fun!

Reggie the Miniature Horse
Photo by Andrea

We learned that Reggie's extra thick coat this year, with its beautiful wavy curls, could be a sign that we are in for a cold January.  

Even Reggie's hooves have more hair growing down over them than usual! 

After visiting with Reggie, we headed over to check on our own farm animals: the ducks and chickens. Of course, we see these birds several times a day, but we thought we'd share a few photos of their antics.

Miss Prissy Fuzzy Bottom

Little Red

Foghorn Leghorn drinking from a puddle in the tree

Big Bird

Six ducks hanging out with the chickens
The ducks always stick close together

Angel is our most docile hen

Back at the house, there is one more animal eager to greet us. Can you spot her?

Wishing you happy holidays!