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Thankful for the Little Things

Like many other families, we are foregoing the traditional Thanksgiving gathering this year to try to slow the spread of Covid. It's an understatement to say how incredibly hard this year has been on everyone.  Loneliness, fear, sadness, political division -- all common themes throughout 2020, and like you, we are so tired of it all.  We really do need to pause this year to look within for something positive.  In gratitude there is joy. Truly, we are blessed each and every day in all the little things that touch our lives. 

To push away the sense of isolation and celebrate the little things, here are 14 things we are doing.  We're hoping by sharing these ideas we can help to inspire you and lift your spirits as well. 

  • Take a walk, breathe in the fresh air, and notice nature all around
  • Learn something new - a craft or skill, or explore a new idea
  • Call loved ones on the phone and talk for an hour
  • Visit with family and friends via Zoom; either separately or get everyone to join you in a group call
  • Write letters to friends who are far away and put a simple little gift inside: a tea bag, photo,  bookmark
  • Write in a journal
  • Put on comfy clothes, stretch on the floor, meditate
  • Take a long nap 
  • Eat comfort food for dinner 
  • Make popcorn and watch a favorite movie 
  • Listen to music and sing along
  • Visit with neighbors outside, over the fence or across the driveway; help out if needed (wear a mask, bring hand sanitizer)
  • Adopt a pet; caring for an animal focuses attention away from our own troubles, and pets make great companions
  • Take care of plants either indoors or outdoors; living things bring a sense of hope

    While we can't be together in person, we can be in spirit. We are thinking warm thoughts of you and wishing for peace and gratitude to fill your hearts this Thanksgiving.